About Bunk Beds Only (a division of Percentage Marketing, Inc.)

  • How long have you been in business?

    We have been selling these products online since 2001.
  • Where are you located?

    We are in Orlando, Florida.
  • Do you have a showroom where I could see the furniture in person?

    No, we only sell online, so do not have a store that you could visit. If you are in the Orlando area, we could make arrangements for you to stop by the distribution warehouse. There are a few items set up there.
  • Do you have any locations outside of Orlando, FL?

    No, we do not have any retail locations outside of Central Florida.
  • How do I know you are a legitimate company and not some scam?

    You can read our testimonials page to see what other customers had to say about us, but realistically, testimonials can be faked. Instead, why don't you check out our eBay feedback. We have customer feedback going back to 2006, and no negative comments, and eBay feedback cannot be faked. Of course, we no longer sell our products on eBay, so our feedback isn't recent.

    You could always make sure to pay with a credit card, so in case you never receive your furniture, you could do a chargeback and get a full refund from the credit card company.

  • Why aren't you listed in the Better Business Bureau?

    That is a choice we made several years ago. We came to the decision that there was no real benefit to joining, other than being able to dispute a negative report.

    We strive to make sure any valid and reasonable complaints are handled to the customer's satisfaction.